Niina Ratilainen

Lämpimämpää politiikkaa ja viileämpää ilmastoa

More multicultural, international and open-minded Turku

Welcome to my webpage!

I am running for the city council of Turku in municipal elections April 2015. I have been a member of the city council from the last election in 2012 and I am highly motivated to keep working for the city and its people in the future as well. Besides member of the city council, I have been a member of the committee of educational affairs and spokesperson of the Green party group during current term

I am 31-year old feminist and environmentalist. Besides municipal politics I work as Advocacy Manager in the Finnish Association of Organic Cultivation. I also study in the University of Turku in the international Master’s Degree Programme of Baltic Sea Region Studies. I would say my life is intensively occupied with politics, work and studies but every now and the I manage to play ukulele, do yoga and hang out with my two brothers.

Here you can check all the official information you need to be able to vote in municipal elections.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. I want to work for more international and welcoming Turku. That includes also considering the needs of international people in Turku and involving people that do not speak Finnish, in the decision making. I believe that a multicultural, international and open-minded Turku is a better place to us all!

My themes in this spring’s election and for Turku’s future:

  • Promote educational politics and services. I believe that every child should have the same opportunities regardless of their background. This means that it is our job to ensure that there are enough professional adults in schools and kindergartens. Education is also of good-quality when we develop it continuously. When the world changes, so must our education. The future is raised in our schools.
  • Save the environment and stop polluting CO2. The city can’t only be made with concrete but also with trees, meadows and forests. We need to ensure that where ever we build new homes, we also keep green areas. City council has lot to do with tackling the climate change. I want Turku to invest in green renewable energy and public transportation.
  • Develop nicer and better suburbs! It is time to invite the citizens of Turku to develop their own neighborhoods. We need to ensure that a good quality everyday life is achievable in suburbs. This means enough affordable rental houses, lively environment and new solutions, such as tram to Varissuo and Runosmäki.


The Green party of Turku -program for municipal elections:

● We take care of children of all ages. We make sure that school locations remain near homes and that day care groups remain small. We will not make cuts to education.
● We guarantee a chance for everyone to study, work, and build a life in Turku.
● We encourage children to become members of our international and equal world.
● We will plan Turku to become and remain an alluring city where everyone can see green nature just by looking out the window.
● We will make Turku carbon-neutral by 2040.
● We will build a light rail system in Turku and change all public transportation buses into electrical buses.
● We promote the well-being of our citizens with pre-emptive services and timely treatment.
● We support living city culture. Wide-ranging cultural spaces and events make our city charming and enjoyable to all.
● We encourage people to make exercise a part of their daily routines and we will build a unified and safe network for cycling.
● We will build an alluring and architectonically valuable cityscape with respect to older style.
● We will make the one-hour train to Helsinki a reality and start passanger train traffic to Uusikaupunki.
● We use our developing city as an incentive to attract new businesses, investments, and employment opportunities to Turku.
● We are responsible for not straining the future generations with an unreasonable social, ecological, or economical burdening.
● We increase open and transparent decision-making so that citizens of Turku can also partake in decision-making between elections.
The decision is yours.